3 Practical Reasons to Wake Up Early Every Day

There’s an interesting trend going on in the world of personal development. It’s a simple habit for success: waking up early, even as early as 5 A.M. This habit is what separates the winners from the losers, or so they say.

So what makes waking up early so great? Can it really give you that much of an advantage?

In my experience, absolutely.

Waking up early isn’t just a trend. It’s a totally new lifestyle, one that supports work ethic and consistency and discipline. These traits are paramount to success.

But I won’t bore you here with theory. I’d rather give you these 3 practical reasons why waking up early is so great.

#1 Peak Productivity Without The Distractions

You will always experience your peak level of productivity when there are fewer distractions. No noise and no interruptions.

Waking up early is an easy way to automatically eliminate any and all distractions. Because, well….. no one else is awake yet!

If you’re at home, likely everyone is still sleeping. If you’re on the road there’s no traffic. In general, you’re getting fewer emails, texts, and pop-up notifications.

Personally, I love doing my writing in the morning for this very reason. It’s quiet and I can be alone with my thoughts. For my other daily activities, the strictness for no distractions is more relaxed.

Try shifting some of your work to be earlier in the day. You’ll love it.

#2 You Gain Extra Working Hours

Most people view the evening time after dinner as a time of rest and relaxation. I agree, relaxing after a long day is important for your physical and mental health.

Yet we’re all looking for that extra couple of hours every day. If only we had a little bit more time we could get so much work done!

That’s where waking up early comes in.

By waking up at 5 or 6 A.M you’ve literally just gained 2 to 3 hours of extra time (depending on when you normally wake up). You can jump out of bed right into your peak productivity hours.

Plus, psychology research has shown that when we’re tired, we have a lot less willpower. That includes the willpower we use for sticking to a diet, controlling our temper, and yes, getting important work done too.

Thus, it’s to your best advantage to wake up early and do your most important work first. It’s when you’ll actually have the will power to stay focused and get good work done.

#3 You Are Building a Success Habit

Once it starts getting later in the day, our procrastination sets in. It becomes “too late” to start the big project or clean the house or get anything meaningful done. We make up fake excuses as to why we can’t do it because we’re just too tired to think.

It’s almost impossible to fight that urge of procrastination once it gets late. It’s in our human nature. But we can tip the playing field in our favor by waking up early.

When you wake up early, you’re getting into the habit of practicing your grit. No matter what the self-help gurus might tell you, it really is hard to wake up wat 5 or 6 A.M when the only sound you can hear is the singing of the birds. That’s really great training though. You’re practicing doing something hard and getting stronger because of it.

You’re also getting into the habit of finishing your work right away. There’s no delay. Once you wake up, the first thing you do (after the usual bathroom and glass of water) is start getting work done. You’re already far ahead of your competition because you’re taking action and making progress. Regardless of whatever else happens during the day, you’ve got your most important work done first thing in the morning.


Success belongs to those who commit themselves to the process, day in and day out. That process of staying committed and consistent with your work is hard, no doubt about it.

Waking up earlier can make that all easier. You’ll work more productively, get more time out of your day, and build a habit of grit and strong work ethic. Those are qualities that lay the foundation for success.

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