4 Real Quotes That Will Convince You to Be an Optimist

Optimism rules the world.

By definition, an optimist is someone who is hopeful and confident about the future. They believe that the future will be positive and even better than the past and present.

The beauty of the optimistic mindset is that it lays the foundation for that positive future to become a reality.

The future will always be unpredictable and the uncertainty may be terrifying.

But the only way to have a chance at a better future is to first believe that it can happen. Only then will you be able to take real action towards making it a reality.

In light of this, here are 4 real quotes that will convince you to be an optimist. Learn from some of the most courageous leaders about why optimism is the best and only way forward.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

By Winston S. Churchill

A pessimist sees the world as closed off.

For example, a pessimistic person will think that the number of high-paying leadership positions in their field is limited, so they can’t make it. The opportunities clearly exist. Plenty of people are taking them and advancing every day. But if you’re pessimistic, you’ll always be coming up with excuses as to why the opportunities either aren’t there or aren’t worth it.

An optimist on other hand sees the world as their oyster, totally open to them, and ripe for the taking. They see all the many rewarding ways they could learn more and advance in their career. If there are fewer leadership positions at their company, they think of how they can get them themselves or look at what other companies are offering.

In order to achieve great success in your life, you must be able to seek out and seize the right opportunities. There are plenty of them, but you must be open to them in order to take advantage of them.

When you choose optimism, you are opening your eyes and mind to actively seek out the best in every situation. Even if the situation you’re in presents few opportunities, you are able to see the few that do exist or even change your situation to create more for yourself.

“Be fanatically positive and militantly optimistic. If something is not to your liking, change your liking.”

By Rick Steves

An optimistic mindset automatically opens you up to making any situation a positive one. You look for the good in everything. And if you don’t see any good at first, you can simply change your opinion of the matter.

Say for example you’re waiting at the airport to go travel to a new country with your family. You’re extra excited to hop on the plan and explore a new place! But then, your trip gets delayed but 12 hours — now you’re stuck at the airport.

A pessimist would see this situation as totally negative. They’d think they just wasted 12 hours of their vacation.

A realist would see this situation as neutral. They’re behind 12 hours, but it’s OK because the vacation is a whole 10 days. Better than the pessimist, but still not exactly happy about the situation as the vacation is the positive thing they were looking forward to.

An optimist would look at the situation and totally change their mindset about what is positive. They missed their vacation, but now they get a new opportunity to spend time with their family!

There is always good to be found in every situation. By being optimistic, your mind will always be open to the positive side of things. And that’s the best way to be happy.

“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.”

By Dalai Lama XIV

To be perfectly direct and clear: optimism feels better, in literally every possible way.

We’re currently in the middle of one of the worst global pandemics in history. A pessimist would see the pandemic as the world ending, like the entire future of the whole world will be dark. That’s a depressing outlook.

A realist wouldn’t see the pandemic as the end of the world, that’s just not “realistic”. At the same time, they’d still bring up a lot of the negatives. The economy is failing and the hospitals are overloaded — these are all very realistic observations that make the future look bleak.

But do those negative outlooks feel good? Do they make you happy? Do they make you feel like you had an amazing day?

Simply put, pessimism and realism just don’t feel good.

There are always positives in every situation. You just have to be open to them: optimism.

Having to stay socially distanced means you probably get to spend more time with your family. You also may be saving time and money avoiding the regular commute. Those are just a couple of examples of looking at the bright side of things.

Happiness should always be a part of our lives. The most productive mindset you can have to achieve that happiness is optimism. That way, you will always look for the things that make you smile, even during such a global issue.

“For myself, I am an optimist — it does not seem to be much use to be anything else.”

By Winston S. Churchill

Being anything other than an optimist simply isn’t productive.

Imagine an anti-optimist at work who’s looking to get promoted and get a big raise in salary. Such a person would see every chance to improve as a waste.

  • “Networking events are useless, I just won’t go.”
  • “I don’t want to be rude, so I’ll just wait for my boss to promote me instead of asking.”
  • “Other companies probably aren’t any better, so I’ll just stay.”

Such a mindset is extremely unproductive.

You’re not even trying, so how would you know if the networking event will be useless?

Answer: you don’t. You don’t know until you try and actually go to the event.

If you don’t go, you have a 0% chance of success.

If you do go, you may not 100% succeed, but it’s better than 0% for sure, and that’s a very positive thing.

You’re moving forward and giving yourself the best chance possible. Optimism gives you the opportunity to succeed.

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