Here’s How to Have the Supreme Self-Confidence That Demands Success

This quote is the 34th law from The 48 Laws of Power. More importantly, it is the key to supreme confidence and getting what you really want in any situation.

Do you ever notice how it’s usually the confident ones that get the leadership positions? They also get the highest salaries, attract the sexiest mates, and draw in just about every other great thing life has to offer. It all comes from their confidence — they carry themselves in a way that shows they deserve great things.

The way you carry yourself ultimately determines how you are treated by others. People are emotional and rarely look beyond the surface of a person to understand their true character and value. They will try to make sense of whatever you present to them.

If you carry yourself with confidence, like you know what you’re doing and deserve great things, then people will treat you that way, with respect. On the other hand, if you act humble and timid, making yourself small and asking for just enough, people will treat you with very little respect. When they see your lack of confidence, they think it’s because you don’t deserve respect and the great things in life.

You don’t need to be humble, you don’t need to comply with the group, you don’t need to accept the fake limitations of the world. If you do, you’re acting just like everyone else.

But if you want more for yourself, you’re going to have to act like it. You can apply 3 strategies to reinforce your confidence and sense of royalty.

Make BOLD demands

Confident people know their worth and aren’t afraid to show it. You should always be making BOLD demands for what you want.

If you’re going into a salary negotiation, always ask for the highest number possible. It’ll show the person on the other side of the table that you’re serious and know your worth. In turn, they will treat you like a person who’s worth a lot and make you a more royal offer accordingly.

If you’re going to ask someone out on a date, don’t just shyly as them out to a basic dinner night, with a gleam of hope in your eyes. Say “let’s go on a date Saturday night, it’ll be the best one of your life.” You’re confident that you’re awesome, and that dating you is awesome.

In everything that you do, KNOW that you’re worth it and demand what you deserve.

Do not ever waver

Making bold demands doesn’t come without some resistance. Even with the most supreme confidence, there will be people who will try to challenge you to see if you’re really worth it.

In situations like these, the key to maintaining your royalty is to never waver.

If the person or company you’re negotiating with offers a lower price, don’t move from your offer. Don’t be swayed by kind words or the feeling of being awkward or rude. Remember, you’re worth it. Taking anything less than what you demanded would be unreasonable and unfair to you.

If you get rejected by someone, just move on and keep going.

An unconfident person in such a situation would get sad and feel like the world thinks less of them.

But you’re confident and royal, you don’t care. That situation was just unlucky or the person doesn’t know what they’re missing! Either way, the best thing to do is to move on and continue living your life of greatness.

Focus on your strengths, ignore weaknesses

Confident people know what they’re good at, and what they’re not good at. They use that knowledge to focus on their strengths and ignore weaknesses.

Pro athletes like Michael Jordan and Cristiano Ronaldo know that their money-making abilities come from sports (and the endorsements that follow them). So they solely focus on that. They’re not thinking about getting MBAs or starting online blogs, or making a side business.

Warren Buffett is great at investing in the stock market, but he probably doesn’t know the first thing about running a technology business. And he doesn’t claim to know it either. He recognizes where his strengths are and where he feels most confident, and then focuses his time and energy into those areas.

Playing on your strengths will help you live with confidence. When you’re especially good at something, it’s natural to be more confident in it. If you’re not so good at something else, then, of course, you’ll be less confident in it.

You should always be confident and royal in your fashion, but it’s far easier to do that when most of your day is spent focusing on your strengths.

So ignore the criticisms from others about your weaknesses. You know and saw from the superstar examples here that you don’t need to be great at everything to succeed. You just need to be great in a few or even just one of your strengths. Act on this, and you will find that having supreme confidence is supremely easy.

This article was inspired by law 34 from the timeless book, The 48 Laws of Power. It’s the ultimate guide to life strategy.

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